About Jessie Sawyers
Jessie Sawyers is an internationally acclaimed dancer and educator, and the CEO of Getting Unlocked, a company aimed at rewiring our collective consciousness to embrace differences instead of fear them. She is based in Seattle, USA, and has traveled the world solo across 6 continents, visiting over 15 countries thus far.

Jessie has been dealing with hair loss from Alopecia for over 20 years. Now, she freely enjoys flowing between choosing head wraps, rocking a bald head, and occasionally wearing a wig. She has also overcome many hardships in her young life as a result of physical birth defects from a genetic condition called Ectodermal Dysplasia. Because of this, Jessie has endured over 20 corrective surgeries and even recently spent two years on a liquid and soft food diet while undergoing massive dental and jaw reconstruction, including the installation of a permanent set of false teeth.

Her personal struggles have taught her what a gift it is to be alive, giving Jessie a unique and deeply reverent life perspective. She is supremely focused on uplifting and inspiring others to overcome their own adversities and to never be a victim of life's circumstances. 
Jessie Sawyers Adversity Alchemy Coach at Getting Unlocked Coaching
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